How to Get to Oxford

How to Get to Oxford

By coach from Heathrow Airport

By far the most recommended option, the X70 coach service takes passengers every hour from Heathrow Airport. During peak times, a coach may even leave every 30 minutes. Coaches either stop at the main station for Terminals 1, 2 & 3, or at Terminal 4. A return ticket can save you money. If you are coming from Terminal 4, a free shuttle service connects it to the other terminals.

If you are planning to stay at one of the older colleges found in the middle of Oxford, ask your driver to drop you off at the High Street, which is the first stop after you cross Magdalen Bridge and pass Magdalen College - you'll know when you see a big tower to your right. Make sure to stand up when you do so that the driver knows you need to get off at next at the stop. Otherwise, if your coach misses your stop you can ride a taxi from Gloucester Green bus station which is at the end of the coach's route. It's a just a short ten minute walk though if you're travelling light and you can follow your map. Gloucester Green and High Street are both a ten minute walk from the OUCL, Parks Road.

By taxi from Heathrow Airport

For around £50 you can take a taxi from Heathrow Airport to Oxford. A taxi can usually carry four passengers. Take note that this is the most costly method of travelling to Oxford.

By car from Heathrow Airport

To get to Oxford you can take the M4-M25-M40 route, though the M25 is not at its best during rush hour traffic. Look for the Oxford exit from the M40; if you miss it you will end up arriving at Birmingham instead. Finding a place to park in Oxford can be a challenge, and most visitors quickly realise the hassles they can avoid by not bringing a car. Still, it can be convenient to have your own car for quick trips to places outside Oxford during your stay. For a temporary car parking permit, you can make arrangements with the Science Area Car Parks. Permits are limited in availability and all the parking spots are usually taken by 8:00 a.m. Overall, if you can help it, you are better off not bringing a car.

By coach from Cambridge and/or Luton Airport

There is a direct coach route via the National Express, known as the "747" that also has access to Luton Airport. The 3 hour coach trip does have a reputation though - it's known to be quite a bumpy ride as you make your way through the English countryside by way of side lanes. Despite the fact that the same trip can be made via London, some people still opt for this route (or at least there are still some coach trips that take this route, demand for it notwithstanding).

The route crosses England from Bristol to Norwich (usually the morning trip) or to Thetford (in the evening).Coaches leave daily, every day of the week, with two hour intervals between trips. Besides Luton Airport, the coach also passes by Stansted Airport.

By train/coach from London

Express trains arrive from Paddington Station approximately every hour. Each trip takes about an hour one way. This method is a more expensive option than the coach service. From Victoria coach station, the CityLink 190 coach has a trip every twenty minutes. Each trip is estimated to take a hundred minutes but it usually takes longer during rush hour. An alternative is the "Oxford Tube", which takes passengers outside the Victoria railway station. Whichever coach you take, it will stop at the end of Oxford Street, right at Marble Arch. One advantage of some "Oxford Tube" coaches is that they have a restroom right inside the bus.

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