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Oxford Tourist Information
Ashmolean Museum

The Ashmolean Museum was founded in 1683, making it the oldest museum in the UK. Included in its famous collection is archaeology and artwork from a period of history spanning 4,000 years-from artefacts of the ancient cultures of Rome, Greece and Egypt to modern works of the 20th century.

Address: Beaumont Street
Telephone: (01865) 278000
Opening time: Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, Sunday 12pm to 5pm. (During summer the museum stays open until 7pm). Closed 9-11 April and 24-27 December; Admission: Free

Botanic Gardens

Even if you're not a horticulturist, there is much to enjoy inside the walls of the oldest Botanic Garden in the country, where more than seven thousand species of plants have been thriving for 4 centuries, creating a fascinating biodiversity reputed to rival that of a rainforest. Exquisitely lush walled gardens, greenhouses filled with exotic plants, and sublime rock and water gardens lure admirers from all over the world.

Address: Rose Lane
Telephone: 01 865 286 690
Opening time: Daily from 9am. Closing time varies between 4.30pm and 6pm depending on the season.

Carfax Tower

From atop the Carfax Tower in the centre of the Oxford shopping district is a breathtaking view of the "dreaming spires" that make Oxford architecture world-famous. Originally part of the church of St Martin, the tower endures from the 14th century. The church itself was demolished in 1896 to alleviate the traffic that would form at the intersection of Queen and Cornmarket Street. While enjoying the view, information boards nearby name each spire and landmark from your vantage point. And every quarter hour, two figures on the clock on the tower's eastern face announce the time.

Telephone: (01865) 792653
Opening time: Daily 10am to 5.30pm (early closing at 3.30pm during winter).

Bodleian Library

The Bodleian Library is comprised of collections spread across several building in the city. Central to the collection is the site off Broad Street, in Radcliffe Square which houses Duke Humfrey's Library from the 15th century and the Divinity School of gothic fame, known for its dazzling vaulted ceiling. Every book published since 1610 in Britain has a copy in the library, but only members can visit the reading rooms - although no one can actually borrow a book to take home with them. Guided tours are offered of the main buildings open to the public.

Address: Central Bodleian is off Broad Street and in Radcliffe Square
Telephone: General enquiries: 01865 277180
Opening time: Tours from the quadrangle, Broad Street, depart 10.30am, 11.30am, 2pm and 3pm on weekdays, and at 10.30am and 11.30am on Saturdays.

Christchurch Picture Gallery

The Christchurch Picture Gallery, located in one of Oxford's most famous colleges, houses a collection of around 2,000 drawings and 300 paintings, mostly by the Italian masters. The extensive collection is rotated every few months, as it cannot be viewed in its entirety due to its size. Artists such as Rubens, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Rafael are featured in the Italian collection, and there also exhibits of Russian icons and 18-century glass.

Address: Entrance in the Canterbury Quadrangle, Christchurch College
Telephone: (01865) 276172
Opening time: Monday to Saturday 10.30am to 5pm, Sunday 2pm to 5pm (1 April to 30 September). Monday to Saturday 10.30am to 1pm, 2pm to 4.30pm, and Sunday 2pm to 4.30pm. (1 October to 31 March). Closed Easter week and 22 December to 3 January.

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